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December 29, 2013


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For poops and giggles, I decided to do my Top 30 most-faved Deviations of 2013. I chose the top 30 because there were so many ties and it just made for a more interesting selection. For some reason, people like Benson as he's #1. The Simpsons drawing ( tied at #3 with Rigby ) is a bit of a weirdly popular one and #8 ( Frank & Ralph ), was actually posted on 12/30 of 2012. It's just so close to the cut-off. So, I was bored and did this because I like lists. It makes for a nice " year in review " doodad as well. Enjoy and thanks! :-)
1. Benson of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 2.Ghostbusters Werewolf ( Wolfman ) by Phraggle 3.& 4. ( tied ) Rigby of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle , You're All Wrong And All The Kids Are Right by Phraggle 5. Music Has The Right To Fraggles by Phraggle
6. & 7. ( tied )A Cluster Of Fraggles by Phraggle, Pops of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 8. We're Cool. We're Cool. by Phraggle 9. & 10. ( tied ) Tea Cozy by Phraggle,Mordecai of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 
11.Concert Footage by Phraggle 12. Top Cats by Phraggle 13.& 14 ( tied )Eileen of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle, Margaret of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 15.Jojo Portrait by Phraggle 16. Skeletor by Phraggle
17.Ralph Portrait by Phraggle 18. Muscle Man of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 19. Hi-Five Ghost of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle 20.& 21. ( tied )Thomas of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle, Mordecai by Phraggle
22.& 23.& 24. ( 3-way tie ) Ralph and Amber by Phraggle, Gobo On Guitar by Phraggle, Skips of Regular Show Fame by Phraggle
25.Secret Hoodie by Phraggle 26.& 27. ( tied )Breezy Out by Phraggle, Late Night In The Studio by Phraggle 28. Eager To Please by Phraggle
29.& 30. Howler by Phraggle, Top Cat and his Gang by Phraggle

For those interested, my Top-Faves list over at Fur Affinity came out rather different. Havva look here --->…
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  • Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2
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ZidayaZenovka Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad to see Frank & Ralph end up in the top ten, at least. It's still one of my favorites. I'm totally stealing this idea for FA. 
Phraggle Dec 30, 2013   General Artist
I'm surprised so many people faved that one.

I'd try to do this at FA but I dunno if such stats are easy to access. :-)
Amazing I just hope you will not make more of what seems to be most popular, I didn't want to see a buble-gum dispenser invasion ! Can't guess how this happen.
I understand better the werewolf position and be a little sad to see Ralph only 8th.
Phraggle Dec 29, 2013   General Artist
I just draw what I like. Benson is just really popular for some reason. I'm happy placed at all. :-)
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